Azolla Seeds – Floating Natural Aquatic/Water Caroliniana Fern Plant – For Ponds, Cultivation, Fish Tank, Chicken Feed (250/500/1000)


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Azolla is an exceptionally useful plant. It copies its biomass in 1.9 days or more, contingent upon conditions, and yield can arrive at 8-10 tons new matter/ha in Asian rice fields. 37.8 t new weight/ha (2.78 t DM/ha dry weight) has been accounted for Azolla pinata in India. Azolla seeds float on the outer layer of water through various little, intently covering scale-like leaves, with their roots hanging in the water. They structure a harmonious relationship with the cyanobacterium Anabaena azollae, which fixes atmospheric nitrogen. The plant can promptly colonize areas of freshwater, and develop at extraordinary speed – multiplying its biomass each a few days. The common restricting variable on its development is phosphorus. An overflow of phosphorus, due for instance to eutrophication or substance spillover, regularly prompts Azolla blossoms. Dissimilar to any remaining known plant, its harmonious microorganism moves straightforwardly starting with one age then onto the next. Azollae is totally reliant upon its host, as a few of its qualities have either been lost or moved to the core in Azolla’s cells. The nitrogen-fixing capacity of Azolla has prompted broad use as a biofertiliser, particularly in pieces of southeast Asia. At the point when rice paddies are overflowed in the spring, they can be planted with Azolla, which then, at that point, rapidly duplicates to cover the water, smothering weeds. The decaying plant material deliveries nitrogen into the water for the rice plants, giving as much as nine tons of protein for each hectare each year. Azolla (floating natural Aquatic Caroliniana Fern Plant) are weeds in many areas of the planet, altogether covering a few waterways. The fantasy that no mosquito can infiltrate the covering of a plant to lay its eggs in the water gives the plant its not unexpected name “mosquito plant”, and may stop the endurance of a portion of the hatchlings. Azolla has been proven the most suitable for livestock feeding like Fish

  • Azolla Seeds pinnata, is an aquatic fern belonging to the plant family Azollacea, it can be grown on water primarily as a fodder for livestock
  • Azolla floats on the outer layer of water through various little, intently covering scale-like leaves, with their roots hanging in the water
  • Azolla helps animals like chicken or fish or duck or rabbit to grow faster and it produces healthy eggs / young ones. Asola helps to increase milk production of cow up to 20%
  • Azolla easily grows in normal outdoor environment and under controlled environment like polyhouse and greenhouse
  • Azolla doubles its biomass in 1.9 days or more
  • Organic Compost Fertilizer which sufficiently reach Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potash.

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