Black Pepper Plant (Piper nigrum), Garden Plants, Medicinal Plant, Spice Plant Live, Kali Mirch, Climbing Vine, Karimunda Rare Herbal Spice for Indian Cooking, 1 Plant with Pot

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The Black Pepper plant has a unique and attractive appearance that adds a touch of exoticism to any garden or indoor space. With its long, slender stems, glossy heart-shaped leaves, and distinctive fruit, this plant is sure to impress anyone who sees it. The most striking feature of the Black Pepper plant is its fruit, which grows in clusters along the stem. The fruit starts off as small green berries and gradually turns red as it ripens. The berries are about the size of a pea and have a wrinkled surface. Inside the berry is a small, hard seed that is the actual black pepper that is used as a spice. The flowers of the Black Pepper plant are small and inconspicuous, growing in clusters of up to 50 on a single spike. The flowers are greenish-white in color and do not have any petals or fragrance. The leaves of the Black Pepper plant are glossy and heart-shaped, with a vibrant green color that makes them stand out in any garden or greenhouse. The leaves grow alternately along the stem and are about 5-10 cm in length, with pointed tips and smooth edges.

  • Black Pepper Live Plant: The black pepper plant is a must-have for any herb garden or indoor plant collection. This live plant, also known as Piper nigrum, produces the familiar black peppercorns used in culinary dishes around the world. the black pepper live plant is a unique and useful addition to any herb garden or indoor plant collection. Its beauty, ease of care, and culinary uses make it a must-have for any plant enthusiast or food lover.
  • Appearance of Piper nigrum : It is a tropical vine that is primarily grown for its fruit, which is used as a spice. The plant has a unique and distinctive appearance, with long, slender stems that can grow up to 30 feet in length. With its glossy green leaves and delicate white flowers, the black pepper plant is an attractive addition to any space. It can be grown in a pot or container and placed on a windowsill, patio, or balcony.
  • Easy to Grow Plant: Growing black pepper plants is easy with the right care. They prefer a warm and humid environment with plenty of bright, indirect light. Regular watering and well-draining soil will keep the plant healthy and vibrant.
  • Benefits of Black Pepper: Black pepper is a versatile spice that has been used in cooking and traditional medicine for centuries. It is known for its strong flavor and aroma, but did you know that black pepper also offers a range of health benefits. Black pepper stimulates the production of digestive juices, which can help improve digestion. It contains antioxidants that can help protect the body from damage caused by free radicals.
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