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Dischidia Apple Leaf Plant | Succulent Exotic Rare Hanging Plant | Indoor Plant | 1 Healthy Live Plant with Pot

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Dischidia Apple Leaf Plant | Succulent Exotic Rare Hanging Plant | Indoor Plant | 1 Healthy Live Plant with Pot 459.00 Original price was: ₹459.00.399.00Current price is: ₹399.00.
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Dischidia Apple Leaf Plant is a beautiful houseplant with small leaves. The leaves have a light green colour and a smooth texture. It is a succulent and hardy plant. It requires semi shade and is best to keep it indoors. Keeping the plant under direct sunlight for a long period of time can lead to curling of its leaves and cause the plant to wither away. Further, it is advisable to use moist and well-draining soil. Watering it once every 5 days is sufficient for the plant.

  • Low-maintenance Houseplant: Dischidia Geri a great growing Dischidia with round green leaves measuring 2 cm in diameter, with new foliage emerging in a pink-red colour . The bloom comes with tiny creamy-white, lantern-shaped flowers produced in umbels of 3-10 blooms. The new growth is redish-orange than turns light green.
  • Sunlight: Dischidia can grow in medium to bright filtered light or with lots of artificial light in indoors. Dischidia also needs high humidity.
  • Fast Delivery: We provide best packaging for your live plant that will be safely delivered to your doorstep .
  • Watering: Water it when the soil surface starts to dry. The plant is fairly drought tolerant .Dischidia plants don’t ask for much, beyond the well-draining soil.
  • Growing Instructions: Allow the planting medium to dry out before you water the plant. They are used to getting moisture only from dew and the air, and cannot tolerate boggy media. When the bark medium is dry to the touch, submerge the container in water until air bubbles are gone. Ant plant also needs high humidity. Mist the plant every day or place the container on a saucer filled with pebbles and water.

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