Jade Plant (Crassula ovata) | House Plant | Symbol of Good Luck | Exotic Rare Plant | 1 Healthy Live Plant with Pot


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Jade plant care is easy and simple. Many people enjoy growing jade plants in their homes and offices, and they are considered to be symbols of good luck.


  • Jade Plant for Home: Jade plant is known as lucky plant, money plant or money tree, jade plant signifies luck, prosperity and friendship in many Asian cultures. It’s considered good Feng shui to keep a jade plant by the front door to welcome money into the home. These revered plants are often given as housewarming or congratulatory gifts.
  • Good Luck Plant Jade Plant: Jade plant or Crassula Ovata is a popular indoor houseplant that needs very minimal care in order to survive and thrive. Not only has this but the plant also had great importance in Feng Shui. This is believed that jade plant can bring good luck & prosperity to your home.
  • Light Requirements: Jade plant grows best in a mix of direct sun and bright indirect light for best vigor and foliage color. Allow at least 4-6 hours of direct sun, providing protection during the hottest part of the day to prevent leaf burn. If growing jade plants indoors, place them in a south or east-facing window that receives at least 4 hours of bright light. Jade plant is somewhat tolerant of lower light levels.
  • Growing Instructions: Jade plants can be grown indoors as houseplants, or outside year-round in warmer regions. Houseplants benefit from being moved outdoors in summer, responding to the additional sunlight and warmer weather. Though they prefer dry conditions, jade plants are tolerant of higher humidity. Jade plants need good drainage to prevent root rot. They will tolerate native soils that are rocky or sandy. For houseplants or outdoor containers.
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