Peperomia Angulata Live Plant | Beetle Peperomia | Small House Plant with Variegated Leaves | 1 Healthy Live Plant with Pot

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Beetle peperomia is a small houseplant with creeping stems. The dark green leaves have attractive lighter green stripes, adding to its year-round interest. Note: This plant is also called Peperomia angulate. Belly button peperomia is a charming species that has little, dark green leaves that hold close to the stems. Peperomia plants can live for years in a relatively small container. They enjoy a somewhat root-bound existence, and this, combined with their slow growth rate, means you can leave them alone until you see roots coming out of the drainage holes.

  • Health Live Plant: The Peperomia plant is a smart choice for beginner houseplant enthusiasts. Not only are they forgiving plants that tolerate some benign neglect, but also the spectacular variety of colors and textures available within the species means that you can amass an interesting collection of plants for every style and space, all of which require the same care.
  • Sunlight Requirements: Peperomia plants need medium to bright light to maintain their vibrant foliage colors. Insufficient light will result in fewer leaves, leaf drop, and drab coloration.
  • Watering: The Peperomia has succulent leaves that indicate that these plants don’t need frequent watering to maintain vigor. Allow the surface of the soil to dry out between watering.
  • Growing Instructions: To grow Peperomia from seed, you’ll need a soilless seed starting mix, sufficient water, and a warm, bright sunny spot to germinate peperomia seeds. Keep the soil consistently moist until germination occurs.
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