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Peperomia scandens Variegata is also known as the Cupid Peperomia and is the variegated version of Peperomia scandens Green . It is a vining, epiphytic plant that can reach 24-36 inches in height. It is a popular houseplant due to its hardiness and ease of care. It has thick, glossy , heart-shaped light green leaves with an irregular, cream-coloured to pale yellow border.


  • Healthy Live Plant: Cupid Peperomia is known as the Peperomia scandens ‘variegata’. As you can guess, it is a variegated houseplant. its beautiful heart-shaped leaves’ color patterns that make it stunning to look at. And unique even among all of its variety.
  • Sunlight Requirements: Keep in indirect sunlight. Any window besides South facing ones should work well. Cupid Peperomia is known to grow very well under artificial lighting, which means it s a great option for darker rooms.
  • Watering: This makes them low maintenance and more forgiving in case you forget to water. However, this characteristic along with its shallow root system makes it sensitive to overwatering.
  • Growing Instruction: This plant has a small root system so too much fertilizer will burn the plant. You can fertilize three times a year in the spring, summer and fall. Apply at half-strength a balanced, liquid fertilizer specially formulated for indoor plants during the growing season and let them rest in the winter.
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Note: You Will Get 1 Beautiful Plant Potted in a 3″ Plastic Pot

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