Gangajal – Holy Ganga Water for Puja (5 litre) | Suddh Ganga Jal for Auspicious Works | पवित्र गंगाजल | Original Natural Gangajal from Holy Ganga River


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“Gangajal” refers to the sacred water of the Ganges River in India. The term is a combination of two words: “Ganga,” which is the name of the river, and “jal,” which means water in several Indian languages. The Ganges River, often referred to simply as the Ganga, holds immense religious and cultural significance in India. The Ganges is considered holy by millions of people, especially in the Hindu faith, and it is believed that bathing in its waters can cleanse one of sins and grant spiritual purification. Many people travel to various cities along the Ganges, such as Varanasi and Haridwar, to perform rituals, offer prayers, and take part in religious ceremonies involving the use of Gangajal. It’s important to note that the use of Gangajal is most common in Hindu religious practices, but the Ganges River is also revered and respected by people of other faiths in India. The significance of Gangajal goes beyond its practical uses and holds deep cultural and spiritual importance in the Indian subcontinent.


  • Gangajal is offered to deities as part of prayers and pujas (ritual worship). It is considered a sacred offering that symbolizes purity and devotion.
  • Gangajal is believed to have purifying properties in Hinduism. It is often used to cleanse idols of deities, religious objects, and even homes during religious ceremonies.
  • Beyond specific rituals, Gangajal is sometimes consumed or used as a symbol of spiritual devotion and connection to the divine.
  • Before consecrating a new temple or an idol of a deity, priests often use Gangajal to purify and sanctify the sacred space or object.
  • It is customary in Hindu funeral rituals to sprinkle or pour Gangajal on the deceased as part of the cremation process.
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