Milky Mushroom Seeds/ Spawn (200gm – 2Kg) – High Yeild Grain Based Commercial Spawn for Milky Mushroom Cultivation – White Micelium Spores


  • Milky Mushroom Seeds/ Spawn is a product that is used to grow mushrooms.
  • It is a high quality, sterile, and easy to use product that is suitable for both professional and amateur mushroom growers.
  • It is a perfect choice for indoor and outdoor cultivation.

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Milky mushroom seeds/spawn produce a unique type of mushroom known for its milky white color and meaty texture, making them a favorite among mushroom enthusiasts. The milky mushroom seeds are easy to cultivate and can be grown in a variety of different environments, including indoors or outdoors, making them a versatile option for any gardener. They are also relatively quick to grow, with some varieties maturing in as little as two weeks. When fully grown, milky mushrooms have a delicious, nutty flavor and can be used in a variety of culinary dishes, including soups, stews, and stir-fries. They are also packed with essential nutrients, including protein, fiber, and vitamins, making them a healthy addition to any diet. Milky mushroom seeds are perfect for those who love to experiment in the kitchen or want to try their hand at growing their own food. With their unique flavor, ease of cultivation, and nutritional benefits, these seeds are sure to be a hit with any mushroom lover.

  • ✅ Milky Mushroom Seeds : Milky mushroom, also known as Calocybe Indica, is a popular edible mushroom in many parts of the world. Milky mushrooms are low in calories, making them an excellent addition to a healthy diet. One cup of sliced mushrooms contains only 15-20 calories. Milky mushrooms are an excellent source of protein, providing up to 3 grams of protein per 100 grams. This makes them a great meat alternative for vegetarians and vegans.
  • ✅ Mushroom Spawn Seeds : These seeds are carefully selected and packaged to ensure that you get the highest quality product possible. Milky Mushroom Seeds are easy to grow and require minimal maintenance. Simply plant the seeds in a well-drained soil mix, water regularly, and watch as your mushrooms grow. With proper care, you can expect to harvest your first batch of milky mushrooms in just a few weeks.
  • ✅ Grain Based Mushroom Seeds: Grain-based spawn contains high nutrient content that is essential for the growth and development of mushrooms. Grains such as rye, wheat, and millet are commonly used as they provide the necessary carbohydrates, protein, and minerals that mushrooms need. Grain-based spawn allows for faster colonization of the substrate (the material on which mushrooms grow), as compared to other spawn types.
  • ✅ Healthy high yield Milky mushroom Seeds / Spawn for Milky Mushroom cultivation, Pack of 1 Kg. This mushrooms can be harvested upto three times before the mycelium expired, with a new crop of mushrooms manifesting every 7-14 days during this time.
  • ✅ We provide best packaging for your spawn/seeds that will be safely delivered to your doorstep.
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