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Red Root Floater (Phyllanthus fluitans) is a beautiful aquatic plant that is native to the Amazon River basin in South America. It is a floating plant that can be easily recognized by its small, round leaves that range in color from green to reddish-brown. The plant also produces small, white flowers that add to its aesthetic appeal.Red Root Floater is typically found in slow-moving or stagnant water bodies, such as lakes, ponds, and slow-moving streams. It prefers water that is slightly acidic and has a temperature range of 68-82°F (20-28°C).Red Root Floater is a small, floating plant that has leaves that are typically 0.5-1 inch in diameter. The leaves are circular, and their color ranges from green to reddish-brown. The plant has small roots that are used to absorb nutrients from the water, but they do not attach to the substrate. The plant also produces small, white flowers that add to its aesthetic appeal. Red Root Floater is an easy plant to care for and is suitable for both beginners and experienced aquarists. It requires low to moderate lighting and thrives in nutrient-rich water. The plant can also tolerate a wide range of water conditions, but it prefers slightly acidic water with a pH range of 6.0-7.5. To care for Red Root Floater, it is important to regularly remove any dead or dying leaves and to provide the plant with a source of nutrients. This can be achieved by using a high-quality liquid fertilizer or by adding nutrient-rich substrate to the aquarium.Red Root Floater is an excellent addition to any planted aquarium, as it provides numerous benefits to the aquatic environment. The plant is a natural filtration system that absorbs excess nutrients from the water, which helps to prevent the growth of algae. It also provides shelter and a breeding ground for small fish and invertebrates.

  • Fish Tank Plant Live: Red Root Floater is a beautiful and unique floating aquarium plant that can add a vibrant pop of color to your tank. Its scientific name is Phyllanthus Fluitans, and it is native to South America. These plants feature long, thin roots that dangle down into the water, creating an elegant and natural-looking appearance. The leaves are small, circular, and bright green, with a red or pink hue on the undersides.
  • Water Plants for Aquarium: Red Root Floater is easy to care for, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced aquarium enthusiasts. It prefers moderate to high lighting levels, and it can tolerate a wide range of water conditions. This plant is also very low-maintenance, and it requires minimal pruning to keep it looking its best. When grown in bright light, the plant can take on a striking red coloration that contrasts beautifully with the green leaves.
  • Fish Tank Plants: One of the most attractive features of Red Root Floater is the way it floats on the surface of the water, creating a natural canopy that provides shelter for fish and other aquatic creatures. It also helps to diffuse light in the tank, reducing the risk of algae growth and creating a more natural environment for your aquatic pets. Red Root Floater is an excellent addition to any aquarium, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits.
  • Aquarium Live Plants: Red Root Floater Water Plant, the perfect addition to your fish tank! This plant is known for its beautiful red leaves that add a pop of color and texture to your aquatic landscape. Red Root Floaters are excellent at absorbing excess nutrients and pollutants from the water, helping to keep your tank clean and healthy for your fish. This plant is easy to care for and is suitable for both beginner and experienced aquarists.
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Note: In This Pack, You Will Get 4 Plant Stems.

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