Oyster Mushrooms Spawn – Grain Seeds – First Generation High Yield White Mycelium Spores Edible CO2 Variety + PP



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Oyster Mushrooms Spawn - Grain Seeds - First Generation High Yield White Mycelium Spores Edible CO2 Variety + PP 69.00799.00
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The Oyster Mushroom, initially cultivated in Germany during World War I, has become a globally cherished edible. Now commercially grown worldwide, it is not only a food source but also finds use in mycoremediation. Easily cultivated on straw and various media, Oyster mushrooms are both sought after in the wild and cultivated for diverse purposes.

Embark on a journey of cultivation success with our Best Oyster Mushroom Seeds and Oyster Mushroom spawn. Buy high-quality Mushroom Seeds Online for a premium harvest. Elevate your gardening experience and reap the rewards of top-notch seeds. Start your flourishing mushroom garden today!

Premium Quality: Our Oyster Mushroom Seeds and Oyster Mushroom spawn guarantee high-quality cultivation.

Certified Organic: Cultivate with confidence knowing our seeds are produced in certified organic conditions.

Ready-to-Use: Save time and effort – our spawn is ready for all stages of mushroom cultivation.

Revolutionizing Cultivation: Wheat Substrate – First-generation Organic Mushroom Seeds

Versatile Harvest Packs: Mature oyster mushroom seeds/spawn (400gm Pack + 2 PP Bags, 1 Kg Pack + 5PP Bags / 2 Kg Pack + 10PP Bags)

Nutritional Powerhouse: Oyster Mushroom is Protein-Rich, Cholesterol Free, Boosts the immune system, and contains high levels of Vitamins D, D3, D5, and A

Sustainable Harvesting: These mushrooms can be harvested three times before the mycelium becomes exhausted, with a new crop of mushrooms manifesting every 7-14 days during this time.

Shop Online: Conveniently buy these high-quality Mushroom Seeds Online and start your journey to a thriving harvest!

Steps for Growing Mushrooms —

Step 1: Boil the paddy straw (Substrate) in water for one hour to disinfect it or steam sterilize it.

Step 2: Pour the paddy straw on a clean surface for a few hours until the excess water goes away. Don’t dry it too much, keep it a little bit wet, and keep the moisture so that water doesn’t drop when pressed with a hand.

Step 3: Open the Mushroom Spawn pack and break the spawn packet into fine grains mix it with your straw substrate and fill it into pp plastic bags. Create some holes in the PP bag.

Step 4: In the next 15 days. Don’t spray water or do anything. Mycelium shall run throughout the bag during this period.

Step 5: After 15 days, start spraying a little water twice a day from outside. Within a week or two mushrooms will start growing.

Step 6: Spray water every day after harvesting. For the next two months can enjoy mushrooms.

Questions and Answers about Best Oyster Mushroom Seeds & Spawn

What makes your Oyster Mushroom Seed and spawn the best?

Our seeds are sourced for premium quality, certified organic cultivation, ensuring a high-yield and successful mushroom harvest.

Are these seeds suitable for first-time growers?

Absolutely! Our seeds come with user-friendly instructions, making them ideal for both beginners and experienced cultivators.

What nutritional benefits do Oyster Mushrooms offer?

Oyster Mushrooms are protein-rich, cholesterol-free, and packed with immune-boosting vitamins D, D3, D5, and A, providing a healthy addition to your diet.

Can I customize the pack size for my cultivation needs?

Yes, we offer flexibility in pack sizes. Choose from 400gm Pack + 2 PP Bags, 1 Kg Pack + 5 PP Bags, or 2 Kg Pack + 10 PP Bags to suit your requirements.

Can I get cultivation tips and guidance with my purchase?

Certainly! Along with your order, you’ll receive cultivation tips to ensure a successful and rewarding mushroom-growing experience.

Is the Wheat Substrate used in your First-generation Organic Mushroom Seeds sustainable?

Yes, our Wheat Substrate is carefully chosen for its organic and sustainable qualities, ensuring a positive impact on both your cultivation and the environment.

Feel free to contact our customer support if you have any additional questions or need further assistance!

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      Bably M.

      Best quality

      It's growing like a ****, Truly value of money. And superb quality. Thank you Gachwala for this amazing Oyster Mushroom.

      Khetoka Y.
      India India

      With great appreciation

      Every mushroom grower must try Gachwala spawn I promise you won't regret it. I been using Gachwala spawn since I started mushroom farming I got best results from their spawn 100 % g1 spawn with high yielding 🙏🙏🙏 Khetoka Yeptho From Zunheboto Nagaland 798620



      Thanks for Your kind words!

      Tripti D.
      Pankaj K.
      IN IN

      Good quality spawn

      Very good. It's take 18 to 20 days ... To run mycelium...