Water Lettuce Live Plant | Water Cabbage Plant for Pond , Aquarium | Aquatic Pistia | Floating Live Pond Plant – (Pack of 5/10/20/25/35)


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  • Uses of Water Cabbage Live plants: Water Lettuce/ Water Cabbage Live Plants have frequently been developed as a fancy in lakes, ponds, aquariums and gardens. It is generally used in tropical aquariums to give cover to little fish. It has medicinal properties and can be utilized as a grub for dairy cattle and pigs.
  • Water Lettuce Good For Aquarium: Water lettuce / Nile Cabbage can accomplish something beneficial to your pond and aquarium. It will be home to the child fish and shrimps you have and will assist with cleaning the water and repulse green growth.
  • Indoor Water Plant: Water Rose/ Jalpari/ Water Lettuce can be grown in a small pot holding water in full shade. It shows optimal growth in the temperature range of 22 – 30 °C, but can endure extreme temperatures up to 35 °C.
  • Easy to Grow Plant: Water Cabbage can be grown in Aquarium and ponds. It require slightly acidic water in the pH range of 6.5 – 7.2 for optimal growth.
    Water Lettuce is a Natural Water Filter and controls algae problems.

Pistia stratiotes is an enduring monocotyledon with thick, delicate leaves. It floats on the outer layer of the water, its underlying foundations hanging submersed underneath drifting leaves. The leaves can quantify 2 – 15 cm long and are light green, with equal venations and wavy edges. The outer layer of the leaves is shrouded to put it plainly, white hairs which structure bushel like constructions that can trap air pockets and increment the plant’s lightness. The springy parenchyma with huge intercellular spaces in the leaves likewise helps the plant in drifting. The blossoms are dioecious, need petals, and are concealed in the plant among the leaves. Pistia stratiotes has a spadix inflorescence, containing one pistillate blossom with one ovary and 2 – 8 staminate blossoms with two stamens. The pistillate and carpellate blossoms are isolated by folds in the spathe, where the male blossoms are situated over the female blossoms. Oval, green berries with ovoid seeds structure after fruitful treatment. The plant goes through abiogenetic proliferation by spreading through stolons, yet proof of sexual multiplication has likewise been seen in the lakes of Southern Brazil. Water Cabbage can be filled in Aquarium and lakes. The species shows ideal development in the temperature scope of 22 – 30 °C, yet can bear outrageous temperatures up to 35 °C. Subsequently, Water Lettuce don’t fill in colder temperatures, past the jungles of Cancer and Capricorn. The species likewise require somewhat acidic water in the pH scope of 6.5 – 7.2 for ideal development. Water lettuce is among the world’s most useful freshwater oceanic plants and is viewed as an obtrusive species. The species can be acquainted with new regions by water dispersal, discontinuity, and catching a ride on marine transportation or fishing hardware. The intrusion of Pistia stratiotes in the biological system can prompt natural and financial implications to the local area it serves. In waters with high supplement

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