Gachwala Mouldit Clay (450 gm), Clay for Art and Craft, Air Dry Clay, Mould it Clay, Molded Clay, Lippan Art Clay, Clay Moulds for Art and Craft, Modelling Clay, Molding Clay, Clay for Lippan Art


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Introducing Gachwala Mouldit Clay, a versatile and user-friendly clay designed for art and craft enthusiasts. This 450-gram package of air-dry clay is perfect for a wide range of creative projects, including Lippan art, molding, and sculpting. Gachwala Mouldit Clay is your ideal companion for crafting beautiful, intricate designs. It’s easy to work with and dries naturally, eliminating the need for baking or firing. This clay is specifically formulated to meet the requirements of Lippan art, making it an excellent choice for creating stunning wall art and decorative pieces. Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting your creative journey, this clay is perfect for both beginners and professionals. It offers a smooth texture and can be molded and shaped with ease. Plus, it’s great for making clay molds for art and craft projects, ensuring that your designs come out exactly as you envision. With Gachwala Mouldit Clay, you can bring your artistic visions to life. This modeling clay provides a pliable, non-toxic, and easy-to-handle material for your creative endeavors. Whether you’re crafting sculptures, decorative items, or intricate patterns for Lippan art, this clay will help you achieve your artistic goals. Experience the joy of working with a high-quality clay that allows you to let your imagination run wild. Gachwala Mouldit Clay is your go-to choice for all your molding and crafting needs, providing a reliable and durable medium for your artistry.

🌟 Explore the world of creativity with Gachwala Mouldit Clay, a 450-gram package of air-dry clay designed for art and craft enthusiasts.

🎨 Perfect for Lippan art, molding, sculpting, and a wide variety of artistic projects.

🌞 Enjoy the convenience of air-drying, eliminating the need for baking or firing your creations.

🧡 Specifically formulated for Lippan art, this clay is tailored to meet the unique requirements of this traditional art form.

✨ Suitable for both beginners and experienced artists, it offers a smooth texture that’s easy to mold and shape.

🖌️ Create intricate designs and patterns with ease, making clay molds for art and craft projects a breeze.

🎉 Let your artistic visions come to life with this pliable, non-toxic modeling clay.

🏺 Craft sculptures, decorative items, and intricate patterns, bringing your imagination to reality.

💪 Trust in the reliability and durability of Gachwala Mouldit Clay as your creative medium.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm